Evangeline, 20, Singapore.
super yummy but so over-rated (at Llaollao 313)

super yummy but so over-rated (at Llaollao 313)


Tried on a new look today thus the pictures!! Good lighting + good hair day = good excuse for more pictures~

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Hashtag lastone

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My best girl is finally back from aussie land once again!! Yay!!! < 3 Met at daily scoop for my favorite kookie monster and strawberry shortcake! Glen also brought s’mores cake which she and Angela baked! I wish I took a picture of it but I didn’t :( Anw go check them out at http://www.bakedco.com/ Their cakes are very reasonably priced and I promise the cakes they bake are awesome possum!! Support them k? :)

 photo IMG_6210_zpsb891d210.jpg

Z for Zoelyn

 photo IMG_6211_zps8988ef54.jpg

Apparently they say this girl and I look alike at work haha I don’t work there anymore though! :/ Must be the specs!!

photo IMG_6216_zpsf8826eee.jpg

Known this babe since we were 7!

photo IMG_6215_zps8fc8f4a6.jpg

Willa came to find us after that! Caught up a lil then we went to hawker to accompany her to eat before Nat came!

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Yayyy loveeee

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Willa helped us with the pictures hahaha this our insideeee joke

photo IMG_6229_zps5bfb3dd7.jpg

Busy Glen had to leave before Nich came! Sian

photo IMG_6241_zpsa3a73a65.jpg

Back to PARK for dinner to try out their other yummy dishes with Nat and Nich!! Nice having the usual meet ups when the girls come back from aussie! The 3 out of 5 study in Aussie!

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Missing you @shubysnacks!!

After that I went over to Dinnesh’s to watch the match with the guys!

photo IMG_6248_zps67127924.jpg

Stupid boys were playing dota while waiting for the match to start! Germany (obv kicked ass) vs. Brazil (which totes sucks) Score was 7-1 at the end. Lol hilarious

Eric and Lionel came and we decided to order macs breakfast while watching the match! The first 25 minutes Germany had already scored 5 goals!! They were totally owning like bam bam bam one goal after the other, I had such a great time watching it and we all could not believe our eyes seriously. Kept laughing because it was just so unbelievable??!? Apparently Germany scored the most goals in World Cup ever thanks to this match hahaha

Party animals 🐢 HAHA my favourite bitch to party with 😘

Party animals 🐢 HAHA my favourite bitch to party with 😘

What happens when you&#8217;re: semi-high and then can&#8217;t walk straight / talking to strangers / hanging with a bunch of retards and just letting loose to have some crazy fun πŸ’™πŸ’› &#8216;twas a sick night guys!! Thanks y&#8217;all for tolerating the destructive me haha 😊

What happens when you’re: semi-high and then can’t walk straight / talking to strangers / hanging with a bunch of retards and just letting loose to have some crazy fun πŸ’™πŸ’› ‘twas a sick night guys!! Thanks y’all for tolerating the destructive me haha 😊

πŸ‘‘ BCUZ B0R3D A$$ B14TCH πŸ‘‘

πŸ‘‘ BCUZ B0R3D A$$ B14TCH πŸ‘‘


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My breakfast! Trying to be all healthy now haha. Milo + Banana crunch cereal with grapes and berry yogurt!! Super delish!

My mom wanted to pamper herself for a facial, mani + pedi so I decided to tag along to do my hair! My black roots were terrible haha like super obvious compared to my ponytail which turn brown so I figured it was time to dye my hair once again! Apparently this shop does everything! From the hair to the face to the nails etc

 photo IMG_6129_zps8fdb6167.jpg

 photo IMG_6127_zpsb82dbb02.jpg

 photo IMG_6139_zpsa5ce8043.jpg

Was a lil disappointed they didn’t carry the red I wanted so I settle for another

 photo IMG_6143_zps3f08d8bd.jpg

 photo IMG_6146_zps56ff719a.jpg

This ice-cream screams childhood!

 photo IMG_6147_zpsee38671b.jpg

Simple hawker dinner with the parents after Mom and I were done :)


I’ve been attending illustrator classes with the oldest sister for every saturdays of this month! And i’m totally enjoying it so far! Very glad she’s here with me learning together because whenever I’m alone in class, I tend to keep to myself and not ask when in doubt. But with her around, I feel more confident haha #nologic but that’s how I work..

I remember having very little sleep that night but still managed to survive class!! Woohoo go me!!!

 photo IMG_6076_zps1536e73c.jpg

How the flowers look at 8am ahahha

 photo IMG_6077_zpsa7eb37c5.jpg

We were told to draw whatever we liked in our best capabilities lol clearly we can’t draw well

 photo IMG_6083_zpsc7685e27.jpg

And then we were gonna draw any kind of cars. Look what we picked ;) My sister’s pink vintage volkswagen beetle. Did I hear someone say “such primary school drawings??” HAhahah

After class I went over to her place to chill!

 photo IMG_6094_zpsad2bc426.jpg

Meet Fluffy and Cloudy!

 photo IMG_6095_zps89d8d2fb.jpg

 photo IMG_6098_zps1671007b.jpg

 photo IMG_6109_zpsc047ac94.jpg

I love how such a simple lighting fixture gives off such a beautiful shadow :)

 photo IMG_6111_zpsaa02708d.jpg

And then my sister cooked us some yums duck and egg noodles :) We caught up tons! Talked about life, family and our friends mostly. Could do this more often sissy!! (If you ever read this haha) I miss staying with her ever since she moved out since I was 14? Somewhere along my secondary school years. We are 13 years apart but still very very tight and I am immensely grateful for such awesome sisterhood heh :)


 photo IMG_5994_zps4db0df15.jpg

Aunty Delia’s treated us again!! Three cheers to yummy hawker food!

We went to Charlene’s house afterwards to catch the Germany vs France match! :)

YAY PHOTO SPAM ONCE AGAIN. Using the selfie stick, haha how convenient.

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 photo IMG_5999_zpsdff11323.jpg

 photo IMG_6001_zpsb42c5efa.jpg

 photo IMG_6002_zps196c058f.jpg

 photo IMG_6007_zps56011e2a.jpg

 photo IMG_6022_zps77dbf83a.jpg

 photo IMG_6027_zps496c6cba.jpg

 photo IMG_6009_zps0ca26fa5.jpg

Holy shit, apparently we really do look alike with the same specs and all

 photo IMG_6011_zps2dec17e6.jpg

 photo IMG_6012_zps732ff5ae.jpg

 photo IMG_6013_zps6a42efea.jpg

I bought the bunny ears in Germany when I travelled to Europe last year. Finally got to use it to support Germany now in the World Cup haha how appropriate ;)

 photo IMG_6014_zps2f77cb8f.jpg

 photo IMG_6029_zpsdd36e4db.jpg

 photo IMG_6039_zps3f7e0e5c.jpg

 photo IMG_6040_zpsffcb4ff2.jpg

 photo IMG_6043_zpsdb2140dc.jpg

 photo IMG_6058_zpsbf1a361b.jpg


 photo IMG_6061_zpsaba9e876.jpg

 photo IMG_6063_zpsda892a7e.jpg

 photo IMG_6066_zps92ec32a6.jpg



Our pre-planned long awaited brunch date at PARK finally came true hahaha super love girlfriend times especially with the ones I feel comfortable with the most :) We to went to the usual daily scoop for ice-cream after!!

 photo IMG_5910_zpsed54e54f.jpg

 photo IMG_5912_zps5528f4de.jpg

 photo IMG_5911_zpsdf386df2.jpg

 photo IMG_5909_zps786c5b8e.jpg

 photo IMG_5906_zpseb38fa3c.jpg

 photo IMG_5916_zps9ca924c9.jpg

Love vintage tiles like these!

 photo IMG_5913_zps99965852.jpg

Yeaah shut up, that was my supper! Hahaha looks are really deceiving la


Very very thankful to the gb girls who came over to my place because I was too tired which meant I could sleep in a lil more and enjoy company within the comfort of my home! Yay! Full attendance after sooooo freaking long because all of us have different schedules now that most of them are in uni and Ada studies in Durham now! I was very happy to be reunited with everyone and can’t wait to see all of them again!!

photo IMG_5841_zpsb7833267.jpg

They decided to cook Shrimp Scampi!

photo IMG_5842_zps6fbbb850.jpg

My chefs ;)

photo IMG_5845_zps00394566.jpg

Only need shrimp, butter, garlic, angel hair, lemon, salt and pepper for this dish!

photo IMG_5846_zps5409b5cb.jpg

Chicken breast for YL because she don’t take shrimp!

photo IMG_5848_zps8b08dbaa.jpg

Everyone’s just prepping, cooking, washing, watching all while I just take pictures :P

photo IMG_5849_zpsfc334b59.jpg

photo IMG_5850_zps6b0b8317.jpg

And tadaaa! The end result :) K la I promise it tastes better than it looks!! 7/10!

Brace yourselves for the selfies to come! More pictures because it’s so rare all of us are present!

photo IMG_5881_zps76c40a2c.jpg

All my smarty pants friends :)

photo IMG_5880_zpse63189f2.jpg

Evan, Sherrill, Elisse, Ada, Sarah-ann and YL! (Clockwise direction)

photo IMG_5878_zpsac0ba5f4.jpg

Hahahaha miss those crazy times in GB!! Doing drill tgt, laughing at our inside jokes, attending camp with these girls who planned for it etc etc

photo IMG_5877_zpsbaf8ee60.jpg

Here’s to sticking by each other till we grow old and grey :’)

photo IMG_5876_zps7df6789c.jpg


photo IMG_5875_zps4fc162a8.jpg

So happy togetherrrr

photo IMG_5879_zpse87b5bf2.jpg

photo IMG_5873_zpsc897f488.jpg

I love y’all soooooo much

photo IMG_5871_zpsfba871eb.jpg

photo IMG_5870_zpsb8829af8.jpg

photo IMG_5868_zps2d7f2ef5.jpg

photo IMG_5867_zps286ed472.jpg

photo IMG_5866_zpsbe036915.jpg

photo IMG_5865_zps0b4b4277.jpg

photo IMG_5863_zpsd5520cf4.jpg

It was a short but very sweet time with them after that I had to prepare to head to the cousin’s house for the monthly meet up with my mom’s side!!

photo IMG_5857_zpscf14c297.jpg

Celebrated san yi’s birthday! Cake by Jan :)

photo IMG_5861_zps31eecfb0.jpg

Momsy praying for her

photo IMG_5860_zpsd8a7e6a8.jpg

The Er Family (errrr)

Always a nice time spending time with the whole extended family just chilling at Jeremy’s house :) I love their new condo!! After that I went to church with Eunice and Lois! Then I stayed over hehe

photo IMG_5889_zpsd96af27e.jpg

Top - TOPSHOP / Kimono - custom-made / Boyfriend Jeans - Factorie

photo IMG_5898_zpsee8322ce.jpg

Sleepy Aaron~

The next day we decided to check out the new indoor stadium!

photo IMG_5894_zps098a72ae.jpg

Yeaaah I played badminton in that outfit…..lol

photo IMG_5891_zps38431e89.jpg

photo IMG_5890_zps76e25db3.jpg

Hahahhaaha my first time playing and I’m gonna be thick skin by saying I think I’m not bad for a first-timer :P heh

photo IMG_5892_zpsdfac5b2f.jpg

I love the turquoise walls!!!

photo IMG_5893_zps82d719b4.jpg



So from the title, you can already tell I had a terrible partying experience at zouk that night -.-

The police came 10 mins after we entered the dance floor…Ugh talk about bad timing.

Met Glen, Willa and their friends at taka because I just ended work and they happened to be there for supper. Went over to their friend’s place (which I forgot his name) to wait for him to change then his dad sent us to zouk! Super cool parents he has. Haha

photo IMG_5831_zps7b166a07.jpg

So glad she’s back!

photo IMG_5830_zpse0efbdba.jpg

Love you forever bb :*

photo IMG_5824_zps96197a1f.jpg


After that I left to find Al and her friend, Lis to join the guys for drinks!

photo IMG_5833_zps9cd76fb6.jpg

My favorite crazy laughter biatch ever

And then we got stuck at phuture for four freaking hours….. I needed the toilet soooo badly and yet they couldn’t let us out… So we played dare or dare inside with the girls and Will! (Lis’s friend) Haha and watched a bit of world cup. Such a bummer. I wasted money paying for entry because we only realized we could refund with the drink ticket 5 mins after we went to get our sour plum shots. Sigh!

photo IMG_5837_zps80b79625.jpg

Good time with them nonetheless! Was nice meeting Lis and her friend as well :)

photo IMG_5836_zpsdad1a905.jpg

After all that drama we went to find the boys to have some more drinks lol the party ain’t stopping us yea~ Justin (Al’s friend from poly, also nich’s friend from sec school) joined us as well! Haha small small sgp! So we chillax for awhile before heading to SPIZE alto :)

photo IMG_5838_zpsa65e7a82.jpg


photo IMG_5839_zps4b9ebacc.jpg

Check out my crazy guy friends lol

Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life, said β€œI’m here for you” and proved it.